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Treat your security with TLC

Automotive Lock Outs
   Side impact air bags, optic fibers, electrical wires.
    Do you really want an untrained person digging around
    in your car door with a SlimJim!

ReKey Your Locks
   Lose a Tenant or Employee?
    How many duplicate keys are there to your house?
    Have all the doors to your house or business keyed to the same key!

Install a Deadbolt
   Knob locks are not enough.
    Deadbolts prevent slipping the latch with a credit card, on knobs that
    aren't adjusted properly.

Master Key Systems
   Need different keys to open different locks, but still want your master
    key to open all your locks?

   Need a Padlock keyed to your house key?
    Need a Padlock that can be Rekeyed?
    Padlocks keyed alike, keyed different, or keyed to a master key.

  For more information call me at 229-831-LOCK (5625) or email

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